How can you hear from God?

Being a Christian for no more than two years at the age of 26, I’ve had many questions as to “how do I hear God’s voice?” I always heard people say things like; “God told me…” or “He spoke to me about…” But I couldn’t understand how exactly it happened. This question would always only be in…

Greatest Love Story

I’ve been sharing my story for a while now, but lately i’ve been repeating it in many places and with so many different people in my life that I never thought I would do. The opportunity simply just seems right each time. And you know what? I feel compelled to share it with you today….

Pain Becomes Our Teacher

Today, August 14, 2018, would have been eight years of being married. I was eighteen years old at the time, with barely three months out of high school and my then husband was twenty seven years of age. That day, I remember having doubts about the huge commitment I was about to make. But, my…

How’s Your Faith?

What is faith? Honestly, I didn’t understand what faith really was for all of my years of living, (i’m 26 by the way.) Even after becoming baptized as a Christian I found myself confused many times trying to understand it. It’s not until months and days, trials and errors that I am now beginning to understand what faith rally means….